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Course characteristic:
1. Customized course:  According to your demand, flexibility regarding the course.
2. Relaxed and practical: Teach and learn in relaxed ambiance, study the most practical mandarin.

Course description:

1. Time and schedule

  1. Group class (6 persons):

    Morning class 8:00-13:00、Afternoon class 13:00-18:00、Evening class 18:00-22:00

  1. Personal class

  2. Cultural events: every Sunday.

       The course can flexibility regarding for student’s expect and time.


2. Course Outline

  1. Integrated language course: emphasis on listening, speaking, reading, writing, provide all aspects and complete learn. Using the latest course materials, also add the latest and practical mandarin.

Elementary class/ Contemporary mandarin lesson 1, Contemporary mandarin lesson 2

Intermediate class/ Contemporary mandarin lesson 3, Contemporary mandarin lesson 4

Advanced class/ Contemporary mandarin lesson 5, / Specking mandarin in workplace

  1. Life's practical language course: based on listening and specking. The language course blend into game, news, hit subject and mandarin songs, learn in games and Chinese's life.

Intermediate practical class/ Tailor-made course materials

Advanced practical class/ Tailor-made course materials

Business conversation/ Tailor-made course materials

Morning class


Afternoon class


Evening class


(6 students. Classe)



(6 students. Classe)



(6 students. Classe)



(6 students. Classe)



1 student. Classe


◆The rates above do not include the NTD500 new student registration fee or materials (approx. NTD500-1000).

◆Joining the 1semesters class student can ask for apartment hunting and airport pick-up&drop-off service for free.

Refund Policy
◆This refund policy is defined by the according to the regulations of the Ministry of Education. The documents that you need to submit with the refund request form are the original visa and a copy, the original receipt of your tuition fees.
◆Partial Tuition Refunds: The amount of a partial refund is determined by the date on which the student applies for it. Below are the details of this policy:
(1) 90% of tuition fees will be refunded for requests submitted before the term of which a student is most recently enrolled in starts. (1semesters)
(2) 50% of tuition fees will be refunded for requests submitted before one third of classes for the term in which a student is most recently enrolled have been completed. (1semesters)
No refund of tuition fees will be granted after one third of classes for the term in which a student is most recently enrolled have been completed. (1semesters)

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  1. No matter how long you are renting for make sure you sign a contract, otherwise if the landlord suddenly asks you to move out, you will not have any evidence to claim compensation.
  2. When signing the contract, be sure to ask the landlord for proof of identity (ID Card), proof of home ownership, housing tax, or an official proof of all the above, in order to confirm that they are the landlord. If it is a sublet then please also request that the principal tenant also produces the original contract to make sure they are allowed to sublet to others.
  3. If any changes are made to the contract then both sides must apply their seals or signatures to that clause in order to prevent future disputes.
  4. Both the tenant and the landlord should keep a copy of the exact same contract clauses as future proof.
  5. As soon as you have moved in please make sure to keep a photographic record of the property, so that you can restore the room back to its orginal set-up when you move out and avoid disputes.


When looking for an apartment, you can use the following questions when meeting a landlord:

  1. Does the rent already include the following costs: water, electricity, air-conditioning charges, cable TV, public fees, building management fees?
  2. When is the rent payment due? What is the best method of payment?
  3. How much is the deposit?
  4. What furniture or equipment is included in the room? If you have other needs, will the landlord be able to provide these free of charge?
  5. If you are renting a shared apartment (yafang), which common areas are there: bathroom, living room, kitchen?
  6. What are the Landlord's requirements: whether they accept both men and women as tenants; keeping pets; scope and use of common areas, if living with the landlord.
  7. How old is the property? What materials is the property built with?
  8. What are the occupations of the other tenants?





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